About Naty

      I made countless artistic productions in different environments. Weddings, showcases, exhibitions, birthdays, cocktails, editorials, launches, scenography ... any and all situations, in which I could create and develop myself, I embraced.

      I also passed by the flowers, with which I innovated by presenting deconstructed arrangements and bouquets, in line with the most recent European trends.

      Period furniture and utensils have also become a great passion. In my eyes, the story that each piece carries enriches any proposal.

      Among brazilians, I am a pioneer and market leader in consistently decorating "different" weddings abroad, with emphasis on countries on the European continent, North African region and the Middle East.

      I became a co-creator of a specialized company, Destination Wedding .Art , the only one of its kind in the world.


      I know how to deal with local suppliers and inputs, keeping in mind each culture in particular.

     I work for a public with a really high level of demand, and that seeks the best.


      With all this, I was invited to do more and more elaborate work regarding the degree of sophistication, manifesting a natural need to work with my personal signature and my own brand.


      This is the result of my trajectory.

More than refined techniques and

management quality,

I produce Art !